Mucca Pazza vs Chicago Sinfonietta!


In September 2014, Mucca Pazza experienced a monumental – but glorious! – defeat at Orchestra Hall at the hands of their good friends, the Chicago Sinfonietta. Together, they played Tchaikovsky’s 1812 Overture and recounted the history of the French invasion of Russia; Mucca Pazza, in their role as Napoleon’s Grand Armée, was ultimately vanquished by the cold Russian winter. C’est la vie, c’est la guerre.

Much like Napoleon, Mucca hasn’t learned their lesson, and this May, they have a chance for a re-match with the Sinfonietta – and perhaps even a lasting peace – when they perform selections from Prokofiev’s gorgeous Romeo and Juliet, with Prokofiev’s original, rarely-performed, censored-by-Stalin happy ending!

In addition to the Prokofiev, the May performances will feature the premiere of a brand new orchestral arrangement of Mucca tune War of Amusements (composed by their own Andy Deitrich, orchestrated by their own Ronnie Kuller), a joyfully ridiculous medley of celebrated endings from the standard orchestral repertoire, and beautiful video work by Jim Newberry and Mark Comiskey, as well as many more surprises.

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