EO hits the town

adjective  ex·tra·oc·u·lar  \ -ˈäk-yə-lər \

occurring or situated outside the eyeball;
also involving or relating to the extraocular muscles

Image result for psychedelic eyeball

Rhett Hammersmith

extraocular  ::::::::::::  THE BAND


Tuesday, May 29
tribute to LOW
Uncommon Ground Wrigleyville
3800 N Clark St

Saturday, June 2
Caleb Willitz Ensemble / ExtraOcular
Elastic Arts
3429 W Diversey Ave #208

Saturday, June 16
ExtraOcular / Free Wings / Field Sleeper / Blake Skidmore
The Wasteshed
2842 W Chicago ave


Matthew Shelton’s mbira/kalimba songs, performed with cellist Nora Barton and guitarist Alexis Dionissopoulos. An odd assortment of instruments performing original tunes rooted in folk, pop and blues structures, with
unpredictable bursts of spaced-out improvisation.

ExtraOcular Cheeto

Nora / Matthew / Alexis … pic by Charles Pearson


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Cellist in Chicago
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