solo cello set Saturday night

I am looking forward to opening for a fantastic bill tomorrow night at one of Humboldt Park’s last surviving avant garde art spaces.
7:30 doors, 8:00 show, $10 suggested


🌿• Caleb Willitz Band • a Light Sleeper • Nora Barton •🌿

🌿• The Caleb Willitz band

The Caleb Willitz Ensemble makes earthy music in a freewheeling, improvised format. Caleb’s carefully crafted songs come alive against a backdrop of sonic experimentation and spontaneous improvisation. The cast of characters on the 12th will be Tatsu Aoki, Edward Wilkerson, James “Jim” Baker, Charles Rumback, Rami Atassi, and Caleb Willitz.

🌿• a Light Sleeper
a Light Sleeper is an ever-evolving quartet exploring collaborative composition from the bottom up, featuring breezy intertwining melodies from saxophonist Maria Elena Hernandez and violist Traci Newhouse, D. Pennepalli’s idiosyncratic guitar lines, and drummer Matthew Jung’s graceful clockwork core.

🌿• Nora Barton
Nora Barton is a Chicago-based cellist and educator. As a performer she demonstrates versatility within a wide array of genres, with collaborations ranging from experimental ambient improvisation to dancing around with an amplified cello in a punk marching band. She also organizes monthly concerts for Classical Revolution Chicago, providing access to classical chamber music performances in a variety of unexpected public spaces.

🌿• Projections by, – Flex Your Love Muscles

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Cellist in Chicago
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