PLANCHETTE – “around the bend”


July 1, 2019
Myopic music series
improvisation w/ Christopher Riggs


June 18, 2019 
Elastic Arts
improvisation with Rebecca Himelstein (supercollider) and Billie Howard (violin)



March, 2019
NbN Trio “trios”

w/ Nora Barton, Billie Howard, Nomi Epstein

November, 2018
ExtraOcular (Nora Barton, Alexis Dionissopoulos, Matthew Shelton)
“A Day in the Life of a Tree” (Beach Boys cover)

“You’re my Best Friend” (Queen cover)

July 2017
Comfort Station
solo improvisation

2016, “Water Sign”
w/ by The Electric Breastpumps 
 (Jeff Thomas, Chris Salveter)

December 2015
Emanation #4, The White Room
w/ Matthew Shelton on array mbira
Emanation is a music series centered around eclectic chamber music. 



Quartet Datura


NbN Trio (acoustic experimental improvisation)


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