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Lydia Loveless – 2020
track – “September”
Lydia Loveless

Sonny Falls – 2020
All That Has Come Apart / Once Did Not Exist

The Curls – 2020
“Nu-Country” ft Fran ensemble – 2019

Flora – “A Sword of Holly” – 2019

Baudelaire in a Box “Delicious Night” – 2019
(with Bobby Conn, Monica Boubou, Azita Youssefi, Whitney Johnson)

Varaha – 2018
A Passage for Lost Years

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NbN Trio – 2018
Image result for nbn trios trio

MONO (Japan) – 2018
Nowhere Now Here
Image result for mono nowhere now here

Bill Grady – 2018
Tracks:  “Automatic Weapon”, “Annie’s Waltz”

Sonny Falls – 2018
Some Kind of Spectre
Image result for sonny falls some kind of spectre

Minor Characters – January 2018
Minor Characters Soundcloud

Mucca Pazza – October 2017
Trick or Treat EP

Mucca Pazza – July 2017
Track:  Barbarous Relic

Maisie Bull – 2017
Grey to Me

Slum Village, 2017
(w/ Amanda Bailey aka Lil Sharp)
Image result for wait young rj

Sugarpulp –
“Sugarpulp EP”, 2017
Track: “Red Tide”
Image result for sugarpulp ep

Jen Reilly & Eddy Bluma “The New Zeitgeist”, 2017
Track: “Peter Pan’s Remorse”
Image result for the new zeitgeist peter pans remorse

Mono, 2016
Bandcamp: Requiem for Hell
Tracks: “Death In Rebirth,” “Requiem For Hell,” “Ely’s Heartbeat” and “The Last Scene,”
Image result for mono requiem for hell

James McCartney, “The Blackberry Train”, 2016
Track:  “Peace & Stillness”
(w/ Susan VoelzInger Petersen Carle, Vannia Phillips)
Image result for james mccartney blackberry train

The Electric Breastpumps (Jeff Thomas/Christopher Salveter), 2016
Track:  Water Sign

Tom Musick, 2015
“Buddy” + “To Wear this Crown”
Image result for tom musick chicago

Wrekmeister Harmonies, 2015
Night of Your Ascension
Image result for wrekmeister harmonies night of your ascension

Arts & Letters (Joe Grazulis), 2015
various tracks
Image result for joe grazulis arts and letters

Red River Breeze, “The Babe of Bethlehem”, 2015
Various tracks
Image result for babe of bethlehem red river breeze ensemble, “more or less”, 2014
More or Less
Image result for a pe ri od ic ensemble more or less

Wussy, “Attica!“, 2014
Track: “Acetylene”
Image result for wussy attica

Jen Reilly & Eddy Bluma, “The New Zeitgeist”, 2014
Track:  “Shipwreck of Dreams”
Image result for new zeitgeist shipwreck of dreams

Sidewalk Chalk, “Leaves“, 2013
Tracks: “Grocery List” and “Leaves”
(w/ Quartet Datura)
Image result for sidewalk chalk leaves

Justin Roberts, “Recess“, 2013
Tracks: “Looking for Trains” and “The Princess Wore Pink”
Image result for justin roberts recess

Matthew Shelton, “Joke on the Sky“, 2012
Tracks: 1, 4, 6

Matthew Shelton, “Waltzes“, 2012
Tracks: 4, 5

Wussy, “Strawberry“, 2011
Tracks: “Waiting Room” and “Little Miami”
Image result for wussy strawberry

Matthew Shelton & The Cat Lovers, “The Vine“, 2010
Tracks: 1, 3, 4, 7, 8, 11, 12

Matthew Shelton, “Cold Water, Hot Blood“, 2007
Tracks: 1, 3, 6, 8, 9, 11

Works in progress:  

Dead Superheroes Orchestra

Edward Hamel (ONLY)


Kim Deal