Cellist in Chicago

Around the Bend
debut album from PLANCHETTE
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Nora Barton is a Chicago-based cellist and educator. Her versatility as a performer has inspired a wide array of multidisciplinary collaborations. A member of the Recording Academy, Nora’s extensive session experience includes releases from MONO, Daniel Knox, and James McCartney, as well as countless Chicago bands and songwriters. Outside of performing, Nora organizes concerts for the Chicago chapter of Classical Revolution, providing access to classical chamber music performances in a variety of unexpected public spaces. She is the founding cellist of experimental improvisation group NbN Trio and a.pe.ri.od.ic, and performs regularly with ensembles Abbey Bowed, Manual Cinema, Mucca Pazza, and mbira-based trio ExtraOcular.
Nora’s first solo experimental album “Around the Bend” was released in February 2020 under the moniker Planchette. 

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